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November 17, 2014


Thankful doesn’t even seem like the appropriate word when describing the utmost gratitude we feel this time of year. All year long we go about our daily routine knowing that there is an insurmountable grace that surrounds us and allows us to rise and greet the day each morning with breath in our lungs…and all year long we put off the “business” of being thankful and expressing our thankfulness until one month, no one day each year where we overeat and overshare from sun up until sun down.


It doesn’t seem like we are so thankful when you put it that way, does it? I mean, all of the sudden it is like we remember that we have forgotten to be thankful all year and somehow we have it in our heads that we can shove all of our thankfulness into one day.


Sorry folks, but it doesn’t work that way.


I am convinced that most Americans have forgotten what it truly means to be thankful. We all live lives fully engrossed in media consumption in a world where all information is shoved in our faces and we take it all in without a second thought. We get mad when the carhop at Sonic when “she” gets the order wrong. We freak out when the little old lady that lives down the street is in the grocery check-out line ahead of us because we know that she will pay in all ones and quarters she had gathered out of her coffee can just before she got into her car that morning. We huff and puff when Starbucks is out of our favorite blend. Lord help us all if the light turns red just as that little old lady in front of you (the one that lives down the street) just gets her foot on the gas. We lose our minds when we get home and realize that we left the crock pot on high and dinner is now a complete lost cause.


We don’t really sound like a people who sound thankful do we?


Here is the problem people…. We say that we are grateful and thankful and this is indeed true, but that isn’t the problem. The real issue here is that we have forgotten that we are blessed. Overwhelmingly, completely blessed.


Blessed  – endowed with divine favor and protection


What if we all take time tomorrow as we sit around the table to count our blessings, naming them each one by one? What if tomorrow we all decide to truly express our thankfulness for each and every blessing? I guarantee you that the turkey would be long cold and the ice in each cup would have melted after the first person completed half of their list. We are a blessed people.


As we all gather around with our family and friends to celebrate this great land, our freedom, our family, our friends, and our faith lets all vow to truly remain in an attitude of gratitude as we begin naming our blessings. Friday morning when we all wake to start our day…let’s remain in that same frame of mind at sonic, the grocery store, Starbucks, at the stoplight, in the home – in life.



In Christ,


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