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November 24, 2014


Today as I sit and think of all of things that I am thankful for I realize that the list is quite lengthy. I am blessed and because I am blessed I could think of at least a thousand things in the next hour that I am thankful for, but I have a feeling that those of you reading wouldn’t want to take the time to read all 1,000 and some odd things and I, personally, think my fingers would cramp up from all the typing. So, here are a few things that I find myself being overwhelming thankful for.



I am thankful that God is always God; He is constant and true. My Father is forever and always incapsulated by nothing but Himself. My Father has no bounds and His love goes beyond my minuscule thoughts. I am blessed that He loves me beyond myself, in spite of my faults, and simply because I am His.


For waking up with the warmth of home surrounding me, I am thankful.


I am thankful for my extended family. I find myself sitting here thinking of my aunts, uncles and cousins that are still here with me and instantly find a smile on my face that settles deep in my heart. Distance may separate us physically, but we are all a phone call away and a constant support system for each other.


Dark chocolate! Need I say more. Thank you Jesus.


Mom and Dad….what can I say? Everyday of the year I find myself thanking God for the two of you. You are both Godly examples of what love, hard work, faithfulness, and togetherness. Mom, it is my deepest prayer that one day I can be half of the woman you are. Dad, the man I marry has a lot to live up too.


My music collection, in part, goes with me wherever I go and that makes me happy because that means that I can find calm in the middle of life’s stresses.


Jordan, for you I am thankful, too. Do we have our differences? Of course. We don’t always see eye to eye and we argue, not as much as we used to (thankfully), but I consider it one of the biggest honors in my life to simply call you my brother and my friend. Your heart for Jesus and your passion for the lost of the world is breathtaking.


I consider myself blessed that my brother has found the one he wants to do life and ministry with. Why? Well, simply this…. Michele is the perfect balance for Jordan. Michele, I consider it an honor to be your future sister-in-law and I already consider you a vital part of our family and as a friend.


I am thankful for cameras that allow me to capture the moments and keep a small piece of them with me forever.


For having people in my life that believe in me and what I do nearly brings me to tears. As I step out into the unknown and start a business I find myself, more often than not, simply overwhelmed and then I think of this fabulous support system and I know that all will be well.


Creativity is in my bones. Making something out of nothing is something that I find rewarding. Today I find myself ever grateful that God decided to bless me with the ability and desire to create…to design…to be me.


My friends that I do life with. I am super blessed that I get to call you my chosen family. You make life fun and interesting and worth while. Thanks for just simply being you.


For life in general…with all of the ups and downs and twists and turns… I am so thankful.


I am thankful for those middle of the night call to prayer moments where God lays someone on your heart. Those moments bring newness into our lives and even with less sleep I still feel more refreshed than if I had slept all night.


Coffee. Need I say more?


My Savior, Best Friend…..my everything….I am overwhelmingly thankful for Jesus. Your sacrifice is something that I am so undeserving of and yet you thought of me on the cross and still laid down your life so that I could live.


I am thankful for people. People are entertaining and they make life fun.


I am always thankful for the warmth of my bed. I love wrapping up like a burrito this time of year in mounds of quilts.


There are no words to express how extremely thankful I am to have family heirlooms. I never really thought too much about it growing up, but I am thankful for all of the quilts and knick-knacks and jewelry pieces that make me feel like family members that are no longer with me are indeed here.


I am thankful for you. In all of your quirky greatness and with all of your crazy antics I am thankful to call you friend.



In Christ,


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