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The Process of Miracles

June 1, 2019

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Logo Process: Forward Focused - AR District

December 15, 2014


What most people don’t realize about any artistic expression is that there is some sort of method to the madness and to each his/her own. Through the years, I have developed a certain process that I walk through with each project, which I posted about in an earlier post.


Not too long ago I had the amazing opportunity to work together with the leadership of the Arkansas Assemblies of God district on a few projects and for the most recent one. I documented each phase both on paper and photographically. Today I am going to show you those photographs tell you a bit about each step for this project in particular as well as show off the final product.


Here are the details. Take a look. Enjoy!




Step One: Establish the Bounds of the Project

Client: Arkansas District of the Assemblies of God

Project Type: Logo for “Forward Focused Arkansas District Council 2015”

– Screen and print ready

– Colors not specified


Step Two: Assure the client of your understanding

Contacted the ARAoG District office to ensure that I had all of the correct information as well as to make them feel a part of the process.


Step Three: Gather Client Inspiration

A reference design was sent for inspiration in the initial contact email.


Step Four: Gather Personal Inspiration

Gathered inspiration in prior pieces from both the Arkansas District and the National Office as well as some color and scriptural inspirations.


– Any sort of heavy font (Arial Bold and so on)

Color Inspiration (Hex):

– #2BB4B8 (Vivid Blue)

– #FB8F60 (inviting orange)

– #273639 (Deep Ocean Blue)

– #889179 Sea Foam Green

Scriptural References (NIV):

– Acts

– Proverbs 4:25

– Colossians 2:6-8

– Hebrews 12:1-2

– 2 Timothy 3

– 1 John 1:1-0

– Philippians 3:12-14


Step Five: Sketch

I always have a graph pad, felt marker, sketch pencils, and a ruler with me at my desk. I use them all at least twice a day on projects just like this.

For this logo, I did several sketches all with a very similar theme – Forward. It was necessary for me to find some way to communicate both subliminal and obvious statements of strong forward motion.


Step Six: Take A Break

I actually took some stock photos for my own personal usage in the break for this project. I will be posting them for viewing and possibly public usage at a later date. At which time, I will link those photos to you here.


Step Seven: Re-think and Re-sketch

For this logo, I actually skipped this step and went straight into step #8.


Step Eight: Computer Rough

Completed black and white versions of 5 of the logo ideas.


Step Nine: Breathe Life Into Content

Added Color and shading to 3 logo options to present to the client.


Step Ten: Present Progress

Contacted the Arkansas District office. Presented each of the three logo options and they chose one to finalize.


Step Eleven: Finalize

Finalized the one logo for “Forward Focused District Council 2015”


Step Twelve: Contact Client

Sent final piece to client ready for all forms of presentation media formats and received approval.



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