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The Process of Miracles

June 1, 2019

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Living Victoriously

April 20, 2015

Romans 8:37  |  “No, in these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”


Life is, in general, hard. Every day we are presented with an overwhelming amount of information, questions, situations, and moments mediocre idiocy. We have things thrown from all directions directly at our laps and as good Christian, we are expected to handle it with dignity and grace while the whole world watches. On the outside we put on a mask with a painted grin and go on with life like nothing is wrong, but on the inside, we are a broken. We are in pain. We are desolate. And no one knows it, no one but God and us.


We mindlessly recite the verse where it says we are more than conquerors through Christ (Romans 8:37) and expect that since we recite it that eventually we will believe it. We put on that happy grin and face the world day after day without ever dealing with the pain and allowing God to heal us from the inside out.


I know that this blog post is for someone out there in the “blogosphere” otherwise God would not have pressed it so heavily upon my heart to write and post on this topic and I hope that as you begin to read this that you would open your heart to what God’s Word tells us about the troubles of this world and how we are to “cope” with them.


We recite this verse (Rom. 8:37) all day long but we tend to forget all of the other verses that surround it. I won’t put them in this blog but I highly recommend you reading verses 28 through 39 as well because this passage is so powerful.


The Bible is the only book we read where the author is always present and speaks of history, present, and future with truth and humility. It is the only book that speaks directly to our hearts through the Holy Spirit and is without fault. It challenges our minds and convicts our hearts. It is a history, a mystery, and a love story written across the face of time that no man can truly deny its truth and no scientist can disprove its contents.  It concerns every person that has ever been and that will ever be. It is relevant.


I am firmly in the belief that some, if not most, of the Christian population has forgotten that the Bible is relevant because we walk in complete defeat. We take the liberty of bogging down our load with the cares of this world and forget that Jesus said we should cast all of our cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7). We say, “But Jesus, you can’t really want my mess. I’m broken inside and I can’t let You have my junk. I just can’t let You see me like this”, but out of His great love for us, He takes our junk and lets us know that John 1:27 applies to us.


John 1:27  |  “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”


God knows what we need before we do. Nothing throws ever Him off guard and nothing you say or do ever surprises Him. You see God doesn’t want a Facebook timeline of your pain. He doesn’t want a twitter status about how heavy your load is. He doesn’t even want a journal of harbored bitterness to sit on a shelf. He definitely doesn’t want a sermon on how broken you are. What God really wants is something that we have a difficult time doing. He wants us to surrender it all to Him. He wants us to shut our mouths and just listen to Him and cast our cares at His feet.  Do you know what to “cast” your cares really means? I looked it up and this is what the dictionary says:


Cast – to cause to move or send forth by throwing / to put forth / to throw off or away / to get rid of / to shed or molt / to deposit formally.


This lets us know that like He tossed our sins as far away from us as the east is from the west that he wants us to cast our cares, our burdens, upon Him. He says, “ Here, Meagan, I’ve got my catcher’s glove ready I am waiting on you. I’ll take that burden. I have already taken care of it just trust me. Just shed off that cloak of brokenness and throw it away.” The act of casting our cares is official…it is a done deal. Once we cast our cares we aren’t to return and pick them back up. We are to forget them and move forward. However, that seems to be our problem. We repeatedly turn back to the same junk that He has liberated us from.


To be honest, I think that our problem isn’t the actual act of casting our cares; we hurl insults. I don’t think that is our problem. Our problem is that we are, in fact, comfortable in our muck and would rather just sit and sulk in our bitterness. Our problem is that we don’t trust. We have been hurt so many times that we build a fortress around our heart and dare anyone to near it. Our problem is that we think we are used to the load and would be off kilter if we got rid of it.


Correct me if I am wrong but we, as Christians, are to live victoriously. Sadly, we have started to believe the lies of the enemy. We have long since forgotten what it felt like to walk in victory. We have forgotten what it feels like to forego the cares of this world and walk in the power of the strength and boldness of the Holy Spirit. We have forgotten what it feels like to walk with God in confidence.


Take a good look at the story of the life of Joshua. He is more than the predecessor to Moses and conquer of Jericho. He was a man of victory after victory and great struggle; he won battles and then there was great defeat (see Joshua 7). Despite the defeat, when God saw him faithful, Joshua and the people of Israel rose above the plunders (cares) of this world and God placed Joshua on a rock of victory and promise. God himself placed before Joshua the promise land…the land of freedom.


Are we not to do the same thing? Are we not made to walk in victory? Like Joshua we can live in victory, we can live in our promise. All it takes is a promise, a covenant, that we will choose to walk where He places our feet and that everything we have/are is His. That’s it. It is that simple.


“Meagan, are you telling me that I am going to have a perfect life lacking hardships and defeat?”


No! We will face the same things we have always faced but when we choose to put on our shoes of peace and we choose to pick up our sword of The Spirit and we choose to put on our helmet of salvation and we choose to walk in confidence of our victory knowing that in the end it is ours— our outlook changes. We begin to see things happen around us we can’t explain, we will walk and our enemies will tremble, we will rise and up with boldness and declare He is the victory. He is the difference. When we choose to walk in victory our attitude changes and the attitudes of those around us change as well.


So, stop living in defeat and stop making excuses. Your time of victory is upon you. Walk in it!



In Christ,


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