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The Process of Miracles

June 1, 2019

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A Brand New Day

September 14, 2015


Today, Saturday, I am writing this blog post because I have a few moments to think about what I want to say to you in my traditional Monday post. I am so full of joy, anticipation, and a bit of nervous excitement to share my with you heart today. Come on this journey of reflection with me and I’ll share with you a bit about my life now and in the future.


Back in November of 2014, I started to do my year-end reflection of 2014 and planning ahead for 2015. Most people do this in late December, but since my December is so crazy I take advantage of the lull just after Thanksgiving to do just that, and I began to ask God to stir my heart and start something new in me. During this time, God began to let me know that things were about to shift in my life and I was at peace with it because I knew he was guiding my footsteps and he was at the helm of my heart.


In January of 2015, God really did begin to change things in my life. God challenged and helped me to launch my own business, he gave me a new desire to seek him and to know him, and he began stirring my heart for new things while releasing me from others.


I could write an entire series on the releasing effect, but I won’t because it all boils down to this – new visions…new dreams…and new passions cause old habits…old passions…old burdens…and old ministries to fade away. God’s releasing isn’t pretty, quick, or easy but it is the most worth while thing I have ever experienced.


Fast forward to May 2015 and I am still experiencing God’s faithful provision and guidance in a season of releasing. I knew there were specific people and ministries God was allowing me to simply let go of. However, God brought something new to the table in the form of a dream. Now before I tell you the dream please hear me….I’m not one to have life altering dreams every day. I have had a few dreams in my past, but none was as impactful to me or as real to me as this specific dream. You must also understand that everything in a God-given dream is more real than your current reality and that means colors are more vivid, textures are more defined, and feelings and emotions are in overdrive.


There is a door with a glass insert before me, hardwood flooring under my feet, and a cup of coffee in my hand. Everything feels nice and cozy. Everything feels real. There is an indescribable warmth from the cup of coffee and the texture of the floor under my feet is rich.


I walk to the door and open it to a beautiful view. The sun is setting over my shoulder and there is a canopy of trees overhead making a beautiful choreographed dance only God himself could produce on the deck in front of me. As I look around, tears begin to flow and I see a fence ahead dividing the tree laden land and this clearing with a huge hill and a small pond over to my left. I sigh as I take it all in, feeling completely at home and at peace.



When I awaken I am so confused at how not only at peace I am after such an odd dream, but also how I am in complete longing to be there…to be at home.


I didn’t dare breathe a word of this dream to anyone because I was seeking God on it’s meaning and why I felt such a deep yearning to be there, and with camp season rapidly approaching I knew I was about to be completely bombarded with people, work, more people, late nights, and early mornings. As I began to prepare for camp I tried to push it all out of my immediate thoughts (which didn’t go all that well as you can imagine).


Now, the Saturday before Rose of Sharon SR Camp 1 I grabbed a cup of coffee and began to walk up the Glory Temple side of the campground to pray over each student and counselor that would walk the campground. As I rounded the top of the hill and began my descent down past Love dorm I spotted the RV park where my family I stayed a few times when I was much younger and decided to go over and walk around to see what all had changed. As I approached the spot where we had stayed as a young family of four I began to weep.


“Meagan, you seem to be really emotional these days. Why were you crying this time?”


Well to put it out there plainly, the view from that particular spot did more than send chills up my spine. In fact, the view was the exact view in my dream and as I stood there I was overwhelmed at how peaceful and how at home I felt. I actually ended up staying right there until my “down time” was over just spending time with my Father.


I knew in that very moment when the tears started flowing what my dream a week earlier had meant. You see, I have always known that I would end up serving people alongside my family there at Rose of Sharon and had in fact considered moving once before, but it wasn’t in God’s timing. I still had things to learn and there was still some growth that needed to happen on my part before I would do what God had called me to do to the fullest and so I waited.


The wait is over folks, as of the time of the publishing of this blog post I am already well on my way to begin the process of moving my few items from my parents house to the grounds at Rose of Sharon with the full intention of building a tiny house on wheels to be parked right there in the spot God showed me this summer. I am going to able to use the gifting a God has placed and developed in me to help further the gospel of Jesus Christ and to reach people from all over the United States for HIS glory. My God…my Father is a good good Father and I can’t wait to see what he does next.


I couldn’t be any more excited about this if I tried because I know I am right where God wants me to be…in HIS good and perfect plan for my life. So, keep reading my blog posts for updates on life, ministry, and a brand new adventure of going tiny.


In Christ,


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