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June 1, 2019

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Tech Talk: Top Seven iPhone Apps

November 17, 2015

This blog along with one other was written on the same day as the first Tech post (Top Tech Talk) and is going out today because I just got back from an awesome weekend hanging out with some friends in Kentucky. To be honest, I knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy to devote to a post today so I went ahead and prepped it weeks in advance. Enjoy.


Since I got a new phone a few weeks ago, I figured this would be the prime time to actually post a blog dedicated to my favorite apps. Because I am a Communications and Media Director my favorites probably will be of no interest to some and very interesting to others, either way, these are my seven favorite applications. Oh, since I am an iPhone user I have no reference for you android geeks out there and I apologize in advance of the awesome apps you may miss out on being out of the cool loop.😉 Here I go!





Why Instagram?

This application comes in super handy on days when I am not only busy shooting photos with friends, but also when at work. Being in charge of media for a variety of age groups is tough some days, but with the push to feature in Instagram quick messages and eye-catching graphics are a beast compared to sharing them across multiple Social Networking entities individually.


Why not Instagram?

It really does drive me crazy that I can’t have multiple accounts logged in at one time. Come on Instagram….get your stuff together and take a cue from Twitter. Those of us that manage multiple accounts get so sick and tired of logging in and out. It gets confusing and old really fast. Multiple account integration, please!





Why Twitter?

I currently manage at least four twitter accounts and thanks to the multiple account login options and the business-esk attitude that caters to that, Twitter makes pushing content to various social networking accounts a breeze.


Why not Twitter?

Nobody is on twitter any longer in the realm in which I operate. Yes, my personal account is very useful because my I have loads of business and resource connections, but the crowd which I push information to on the other accounts are mostly using Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.





Why OnSong?

If you are on any sort of worship team, praise band, or are communicating with your stage team at your local church and are not using OnSong, you should be ashamed of yourself. OnSong is a fantastic application that allows you to completely ditch the old songbook and binder, change keys on the fly, edit set lists for services, allows for easy communication from any device running OnSong on the same network, and control multiple devices so that everyone remains on the same portion of the song.


Why not OnSong?

There are only two things I have found as a downside to OnSong is, one, there is no app for any android based devices which means you are either limited to iPads for everyone on your team on stage or you must find semi-compatible app for those using android platform devices and, second, there is no desktop version of the software for mass song addition. By the way, the online version of song editing is useful but I would rather have it as a stand-alone desktop application.





Why Dropbox?

What planet are you from? Dropbox is the best way to share documents between multiple devices on multiple platforms owned by multiple users. If you aren’t using dropbox then you are missing out.


Why not dropbox?

Some people are more heavily integrated into the google platform and something like google drive may be a better option.





Why Over?

Because I do loads of quick posts to social networking, Over has become my best friend when it comes to quick typographical designs overlaying photos or plain backgrounds. It is, by far, the cleanest and the easiest app like it to learn and operate.


Why not over?

Over is pretty limited for someone like me who is used to having loads of tools at hand and works best with a combination of other apps (for me at least), but for the average user this app is the way to go.


Apps I use along with over are:



Touch Retouch






Why Enlight?

Enlight is a beautifully designed photo editor. I have used loads of editors in my years on the iOS platform and this one is a staple on both my iPhone and my iPad. There are various standard filters and edits that are quick to access and then you can go the detailed route and get just the right look for each photo.


Why not Enlight?

I honestly can’t think of anything.






ESPN is the only way to keep up with sports scores on the go from multiple sports teams from every sport one could possibly imagine. Any sports fan will tell you that this is the way to go.


Why not ESPN?

Simply put, if you don’t watch sports and don’t care to know what the score is….don’t get the app.




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