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June 1, 2019

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A Moment to Give Thanks

November 24, 2015



I could write a book on thankfulness after these past few moths, but a short blog post will just have to suffice for now. In light of the thirty days of Thanksgiving challenge, I have created a list of thirty things I am most thankful for, which I have created over the past thirty days to be able to post as today’s blog entry. With that being said, happy Thanksgiving folks.



D1. My Father is such a good good Father. I have always taken the time to daily give thanks to God for his faithfulness, but this year it is different. You see, I have walked where I knew I couldn’t walk on my own and have had to learn just how good and perfect His provision and love for me truly is. My Father is a constant and true God who proves to me He is a compassionate, faithful, loving, just, precious, and caring Father in every way just because of who He is. He loves me in spite of me because I am His.



D2. I am thankful for my friend that sticks closer than a brother, the one who gave it all for me, my Jesus. There aren’t words enough in the known forms of language I could use to express my love and my sincere gratitude for who He is. Jesus is love personified and grace exemplified and I am glad I know Him as both. Jesus is everything. He is the answer. Always has been and always will be.



D3. Dreams and visions are gifts from God, gifts I never even imagined I would be blessed to have either…let alone both. God knows I am a visual learner and am impacted most by visual things so when he captures my attention with a dream or vision I take notice and it sticks with me. Blessed!



D4. Who am I kidding, today I am very thankful for coffee? Today is a Thursday through and through. I’m on cup number three.



D5. His sweet Spirit. My, my, my….. I am incredibly blessed to say I walk in His Spirit daily, that I find comfort in His presence, and that I’m emboldened with His Spirit. Yes, all who call upon the name of the Lord have the Spirit of the Lord inside of them, but I am glad that I am also endued with power and clothed in his strength.



D6. I am thankful for a strong heritage rooted in God. It is such an honor to hear stories about family members who have gone on before me, paved my way, as they lived their lives giving glory to God in the way they lived and served. This is such a rich heritage.



D7. Rain, rain, rain….. I am thankful for rain and sunshine because that means that things can grow and flourish the way God designed them to.



D8. God knew exactly what He was doing when he made me her daughter. We are a lot alike, Mom and I. Growing up I strived to honor her in my actions and in my words. Now, that isn’t to say that I never failed because I did countless times, but I strived to honor her because I saw my mom as a Proverbs 31 kind of woman. I wanted others to see what I saw, a God fearing woman who’s greatest desire was to be His. I count it a high honor to call her Mom, mentor, and friend. If I am turn out to be half the woman, wife, and mother that she is….I will be doing good.



D9. The greatest example of God’s love for me was always personified in my day to day life by my Dad. There has never been a day where my Dad didn’t go the extra mile, he is just that kind of person. Dad was and remains the first guy to truly have my heart and I trust him to guard it and keep it. My dad is my rock…..never wavering…always the constant….my hero.



D10. If Dad is the hero then my brother was always the antagonist in the story. Jordan and I are complete opposites and because of that, I am a better person. His personality and his strengths help sharpen and hone me into becoming what God desires me to be. I am so incredibly thankful I get to have the honor and privilege to be Jordan’s sister. He makes me proud. Now, he may know exactly what buttons to press to make me mad, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



D11. Michele, the future Mrs. Jordan Wright,…..who loves my brother (which can be hard at times) and that would be enough, but I see how she love others….I see how she’s loves my brother… Her heart is made of gold and I am so incredibly thankful she decided to give the good ole boy from Arkansas a chance.


Thanks for being you. I joke and tell people all the time that I actually like you more than Jordan. Our little secret? You are my favorite. I look forward to every holiday, every life event, and celebrating each day with you no matter where in the world we may be.



D12. I am thankful for late night chats, road trips, Reese’s, coffee dates, midnight Walmart runs, Oreos, butt dials, second chances, text messages, and red Starbursts.



D13. I find that I am truly grateful for growing up in a small town. Yes, everyone always knew everything even when they didn’t, I could drive from one end of town to the other in less than five minutes, and no matter where I was inside of the city’s limits when the train rolled through I could hear and feel it. I am thankful for the memories I created there with people who played an internal role in my life. I am who I am today because the people I grew up around took the time to pour into me. I guess I am grateful for the people I grew up around…they made the town.



D14. I am thankful for the leadership I sit under. Some would dread working with their family members, but I am blessed beyond measure to work side by side with family who not only love Jesus and serving others but who do it with humility and honor. I love that my pastors have hearts that chase after the Father’s. Thanks for letting me serve with you.



D15. I am forever grateful for the network of friends I have been blessed with. God so graciously saw fit to give me friends from all over the country and the only downside is that we don’t get to see one another but for a few short days at a time. If there is ever something I need, I know that someone is always available to lean on. It is a beautiful thing.



D16. My sisters…. It is crazy how God can bring into reality these fabulous friendships and bonds that exist beyond our comprehension. These are friendships we have spent years praying for, friendships we have seen others have and have desired so deeply to have ourselves, friendships that are full of laughter and bathed in prayers. I am so thankful that God brought us all together in just the right seasons of our lives. My sisters make me laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh. They are rarities created by the Father. They are precious. They are worthy. They are beauties inside and out. I’m glad I get to call them sisters and friends.



D17. I am thankful for weekend getaways and long overdue vacations. Whether I am cruising the Caribbean or driving from one state to another, I am thankful for times where I can get away and relax outside of my normal daily routine. I’m thankful for times when I am able to unwind and read a good book or hang out with friends and family.



D18. I am thankful for parents, those that brave the unknown of raising children. You guys are champs. Where would we all be without you? Oh wait…that’s right.



D19. I am thankful for mentors in various season’s of my life who have poured into me. If I were to make a list it would be a mile and a half long. From Sunday School teachers that helped shape me into the woman of faith I am today, college professors who choose to believe in and push me, ministers who saw past my failings and gave me a chance to be used in their ministries and in the process poured courage into my heart, and those who in their every day being showed me what Christ looked like in them…  I have been so incredibly blessed.



D20. We live in an day and an age where technology is king. I am thankful for simple technology that enables me to communicate with family near and far.



D21. I am thankful for the seasons of life, the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs that make life interesting and for the God that controls them all.



D22. I am thankful to have a family who still takes time to listen to you no matter what you say.



D23. I am thankful for tiny house builders who are more interested in getting it right for the customer than they are about getting it right for themselves. I can’t wait until I walk into mine and can finally say “I am home”.



D24. I am thankful for Chick-fil-a. Some days you just crave a good chicken sandwich.



D25. I am thankful for countdowns and the purpose behind them. Countdowns mean there is something worthwhile to look forward to…..something worthwhile to wait on.



D26. I am thankful for worship music, life experiences, photographs, the smell of burnt popcorn, the taste of my Mom’s dressing, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, old movies, deodorant, long hot showers, good classic slapstick comedy, sketchbooks, and guitar fingers.



D27. I have a deep rooted appreciation for the mystery of a surprise. It is a love/hate appreciation, but it does still exist.



D28. Acoustic worship jam sessions with friends have to be like my favorite thing ever. I can’t put my finger on if it is because I love worshipping with my friends if it is the simplicity of the style or the combination of the two.



D29. I am thankful that God created me as he did. More so than ever, I have an understanding of who I am in Christ…. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I love who I am in Christ today and look forward to meeting the woman of God I will be tomorrow. It is a journey and I am thankful for the journey.



D30. I am forever grateful that the oceans crash against the sand, that a flower doesn’t ask if it can grow, that rocks cry out when we don’t, that people are quirky, and that mountains and valleys exist just for the glory of the Father. I love that everything, no matter how big or small is created for the glory and worship to the Father.



I am His and He is mine,



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