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June 1, 2019

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An Apple Rant: A Fangirl's Rant

December 29, 2015


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs


Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

- Steve Jobs



I love Apple. I mean I really do love Apple. Most of my tech is made by Apple or specifically for an Apple product. Some of you may have opened this blog post thinking “great another one has joined the bandwagon”, but you would be sadly mistaken. Do I believe Apple is still this powerhouse company sticking to its guns about innovation? Absolutely not. In fact, just the opposite is true.


Apple has created some stunning and powerful devices through the years including the iPhone, iPod, the Macbook Pro, and the iMac. However, it is my firm belief the company has lost its creative innovation in recent months. There are five products that totally missed the Apple level of creative genius and brilliant ingenuity in 2015 and with the quotes above in mind please take a look at these five products and see if you agree.



The Macbook

The MB has been a staple in both life and film for years. It’s clamshell design in the 90’s made more than one appearance in films geared toward us modern day techies that we were watching back then. Every iteration has been absolutely brilliant. This year’s iteration was certainly drool worthy with it’s brilliant retina display and the new keyboard and trackpad. I know I drooled over the super thin MB, that is until I saw that Apple somehow forgot to include the ever coveted ports on its side. The USB-C seems so much like an afterthought. It is almost as if Apple realized at the last minute there were no ports and decided to throw in “one port to rule them all” and force us to buy dongles to add spaces for peripheral hookups, charging, and file transfer. It seems dumb to me that Apple didn’t, at least, include two of these so-called power ports.


Magic Mouse 2

I had the first generation of the magic mouse and although it was beautifully designed it isn’t the most ergonomically correct mouse I could use, but I do because it is simple. When they announced a new mouse I was really hoping that Apple would release a mouse with a higher arch that was a bit more comfortable to use on a day to day basis but instead, they gave us a mouse we can’t even use when it is charging. Why? Because they stupidly placed the charging port on the bottom of the device. Who in their right mind does that? Oh, that is right….the new leadership and their team over at Apple. That is who does something as dumb as that. Kudos to you Apple on creating something really dumb!


Apple Pencil

Apple, for years, said no way no how to the whole stylus movement and then when they did release one which is supposedly “innovative” and “first class” it turned out to be sub-par. Not only does the pencil not work on all of the iPads, but it doesn’t feature an integrated eraser functionality or a normal and sane way to charge it. Why on God’s great big beautiful earth would a company like Apple think it is okay to push their “flagship iPad meant for professional graphic designers and illustrators” out with a way to charge it that makes it look like a garish pre-k attempt at making a picket sign to boycott Apple? Why? Nobody in their right mind thinks this is a smart solution, no one except the creative “geniuses” over at Apple in California that is. Is the ocean air getting to them or something?


Apple TV Remote

I have literally been waiting on a new update to the Apple TV for years and was super pumped on keynote day when the “new hotness” was revealed. They added a lot more functionality to the device such as integrating Siri, adding apps, and updating the remote. The downside to the Apple TV is also one of the big selling features, the Siri remote which is made up partially of glass. Yes, you read right. Glass! What company who claims to produce high-quality products would make a remote out of glass? Apple does it. Why? Because they know we will come back and purchase a new remote when a two-year-old walks in the room and decides the remote is best located against the wall on the other side of the room. Thanks, Apple. Thanks for making us buy more of your mistakes so we get sucked further into the money pit.


iPhone 6/6S Smart Battery Case

When Apple released the new charger iPhone case earlier in the month I was stoked because I was hoping I would be able to squeeze a full two days out of my iPhone 6S Plus with the case before heading to the wall charger. But NO. Apple apparently thinks that leaving one of its new iPhones without a charger case is completely ridiculous since it has a larger battery. What if those of us who go the 6S Plus did so because we travel….a lot? Hold on, that isn’t my only complaint about this device. I mean, have you seen it? This thing looks like it was made in the 80’s for the old Nokia brick phones. It is U-G-L-Y. The charger looks like a complete afterthought to the silicone housing and it sits on the back of the phone like some sort of biochemically induced growth. Does Apple really think if they cover it up with an Apple logo we will forgive them? It is almost as if Apple execs had a one-way conversation with themselves that went something like this…..


Want a new Apple Charger case for your 6s? Awesome. We will give it to you. Do you want it in gray or lint accented white? Awesome. We added a small bulge on the back of the case. You shouldn’t even notice.



Allow me to reiterate that I have always been and still remain an Apple fangirl, but something has to change. Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” and I think if Apple doesn’t begin to be truly innovative not only in the design of a product but equally in the operation and functionality, the company will become a follower in the industry. Get with the program Apple, you were created to be a company that thrived on delivering innovation and challenging us, your consumers, to do the same. I believe in what you started out being; a company that thinks differently. Get back to your roots and design and create from there.



– A Concerned Apple Fan Girl


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