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June 1, 2019

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Rose of Sharon Church Branding

March 1, 2016


I am back! After a month long hiatus from blogging I am back and ready to dish the dirt on what all God has laid on my heart for this year, but one of the biggest reasons I took a break was to launch the brand new branding for Rose of Sharon Church and the website.


Now, this launch has been months in the making and now that the date is finally here I have so much to say that I don’t even really know where to begin. Since this is the case, I am going to revert to telling it how it is without all of the fluff. Without further ado, here it goes.


These past few months have been filled with a lot of excitement for Rose of Sharon which included some additions to the church staff, growth in the congregation, powerful moves of the Holy Spirit in each service, and preparations for a remodel in the sanctuary sparked when the torch of leadership was passed from founding pastor, Carlton Rose, to his son and our current pastor, Tim Rose.


Pastor Tim felt the great desire to create a branding specifically designed to reach the church of today; to welcome them home to a place where the glory of God dwells and empowers them to reach those around them with the gospel message of the saving grace found in Jesus Christ.


When Pastor Tim and I set out to design a brand for RoS there were certain images and ideals we wanted to convey such as family, unity, diversity, and community while remaining classically contemporary.


With these descriptive words in mind, it was my duty to set out to form a look and feel to convey such audacious ideologies. Here are some of the things I began to toy with to create such a powerful image:

  • Bright contemporary colors using slight variations of the three primary colors.

  • Some sort of conveyance of the trinity and His relationship with the church.

  • Family (to be omitted on smaller prints such as business stationary)

  • Bold, smooth, and modern fonts.

  • A script font to root the design in the traditional elements often found in the south.

In creating a visual representation of a church in the form of branding, it is vital to the success of the vision and mission of the church to root every visual cue in scripture. The branding for RoS is no exception to the rule. Here are some of the Biblical principles behind our branding package:

  • Christ created a bridge between humanity and the Father on the cross.

  • There are three persons in the Godhead (the trinity) and they are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • The church was designed to be a place of community for the believers to be fed and to fellowship and to equip them to reach those around them with the saving message of Jesus.

  • The church is a place of restoration and healing for all people from all backgrounds, creeds, and races.

  • The church is meant to be a place of outreach, not bound by the four walls of the meeting place, but driven by compassion into the community and to the uttermost.

I knew after a few rounds of sketches I had a winning layout and with a little bit of tweaking of colors schemes and font combinations, I finally created something that suited all of the needs for RoS, the vision we desired to communicate, and the mission God placed before us. When the final combination was assembled I was completely elated, knowing full well in that moment our brand was finally surfacing. What I ended up creating ticked all the boxes for us. Here is how:

  • The family unit is represented (Dad, Mom, and two children).

  • Depicting a welcoming church, there is a representation of a church (gray shape) with the doors open and a family entering in.

  • The Trinity is represented in the three colored (red, yellow, and blue) shapes.

  • A cross was created using the negative space around the church and trinity boxes

  • Those same boxes were placed on their sides and in a window pane fashion to also create a subtle nod to the traditional found in stained glass windows.

  • All fonts chosen were bold and sleek to lean towards the contemporary crowd.

  • The script font, while remaining modern gives a subtle nod again to tradition and heritage.

In the end, what I am presenting as our branding is a modern branding package with its roots in the past of Rose of Sharon Church with an ability to launch the church into the future of what God has for us. All of this is made known by the simple conveyance of the family unit, diversity, community, and vision.


Now, with the new branding obviously means there is a new and fresh vision for Rose of Sharon Church so what is it? I have hinted to this previously in this post, but RoS has a brand new vision statement for this exciting season and it is simply welcome home. The RoS leadership team has a desire to be a place of hope, outreach, maturing, and experiencing. We believe God has appointed us for such a time as this and we are ready to do whatever he asks of us to tell those in this community about who he is. (To find out more about welcome home click here.)


Today is the day we are casting this grand vision into our leadership team for our church family. We couldn’t be any more excited to see what God does in Tipton county and the surrounding areas. Scripture clearly tells us the harvest is plentiful and the workers few, but we are ready to work the fields God has placed us in. It is our desire to show Jesus to all we encounter and to bring them the hope only found in Jesus Christ.


I feel blessed to be able to use the giftings God has blessed me with to reach those in this community he has placed me in. Here is to an exciting journey ahead.


In Christ,


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