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The Process of Miracles

June 1, 2019

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Glory to Barabus!

April 5, 2016


When we ignore the things of God and deny Jesus, we shout for Barabbas in the dark corners of our hearts. We willingly call for the torture and death of our biggest hero; our hero who sacrificed everything for an undeserving people, a hero without a cape as an adornment of grandeur or the front page of the Daily News to secure his status. This hero wore a crown of thorns instead of a cape. He traded the grandeur of heaven to be treated like a criminal.


He was beaten and hung a cross for our wrongs.


The world’s only deserving superhero did not obtain superman status out of popularity, nor did he gain the position of the dark night because of his skills. He doesn’t rule and reign by the power of his hammer or show his might as a warrior with a bow. No, he rules and reigns by his words which are sharper than any sword and pierce the heart like an arrow. He doesn’t need altered human genetics to do something great, he made the genes and by his greatness and is guardian over the galaxies. He is not the avenger of the pompous but is an Avenger for those who call him Lord. He is not held back by mortality but took on humanity to save us.


He has the title of King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Savior, Friend, and Hero due to his God-given right, a right we deny him over and over. We willingly toss his status to the wayside and give it to things and people of this world. We give it to our Barabbas.


Maybe your Barabus is your significant other. Maybe your Barabus is your favorite sport or team. Maybe your Barabus is found in a shopping mall. Maybe your Barabus is the ideal of Christianity. Then again, maybe your Barabus is the one looking back at you in the mirror. Start giving glory to the one deserving of praise and stop giving it to Barabbas.


Are you giving glory to Barabus?




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