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December 20, 2016


Some may be shocked to find out that I am a huge tech geek. I mean, I am one of those people you will find reading tech speculations months in advance of release dates, watches every keynote, and drools over each new beautiful product released.  I don’t flaunt my geek, nor do I hide it. For those of you who know me, best know how much I really geek out, especially for Apple products, but for those of you who don’t get ready for some slight geek out moments.


I am always in the realm of technology because it is dually my job and my passion. As a creative in today’s world, one must be plugged into a better than basic understanding and usage of tech. With that, I am pretty convinced that I can continue with this blog post and have full confidence that I have gained your trust.


This post is a bit different than any of my previous ones. Today I am going to be giving you my top seven tech list. Relax. It isn’t as long as my music list. Like I stated previously, I am an avid Apple geek so don’t be surprised when I do pull the majority of my tech list from that realm of awesomeness. I will try my hardest to give you the equivalent of that product on a different platform if I can.  It is also worth noting that I completely understand that not all Apple products reign supreme as far as performance goes, but I haven’t seen anyone produce such seamless design and continuity across multiple platforms so some of the suggested alternatives may perform better than my "go-to" product. What can I say, I am an Apple geek…


Without any further introductions here are my top seven tech items!


iPhone 6s Plus

Some of you are probably wondering why a phone is on this list coming from a graphic designer, but what you don’t realize is that this daily driver has become my go-to for all social media, most email correspondences, on top of doubling as my travel device for some design work. I manage multiple social networking accounts which all push loads of content, both graphically and textually, and the iPhone 6S Plus gets it all done. This phone is massive in hand, but I don’t mind it at all thanks to the screen real-estate and me being used to my iPad mini. This phone has been a long overdue and long awaited warm welcome to my tech collection.


Now, I have had an iPhone for seven years. I have tried other platforms including an Android-based device and a Blackberry, but none has felt more natural for me to use nor have the felt as good in the hand.


If you are looking for an alternate device, I would be sure and check out the Galaxy Note 5. From everything I have heard this would be an excellent daily driver for those who prefer running the phone on the Android platform.



MacBook Pro (13 inch)

As you can probably guess this is my second piece of most used tech. With loads of style, the Apple line-up is filled with beautiful machines, but external beauty isn’t why I bought my MP. No, I bought my MacBook Pro to be the workhorse of my office setup, and with maxed out specs this laptop is a performance beast. Combined with an external monitor for in-office use it is the perfect combination of portability and performance. You may be asking, “why not a desktop computer like the iMac,” but the answer to that is just that I don’t own a second computer. I own one Mac that works in my office at Rose of Sharon and home when I am doing client work. Would I like to have an iMac? Yes, yes I would. Are you buying?🙂


I have had a MacBook Pro for several years (8 years to be exact), and this is my second one. I don’t plan on ever downgrading to a different Mac laptop. I did do some extensive research on the Air and found that it doesn’t have the computing power that I need to do everything that I desire to do and since the MacBook seems to be somewhat of a souped-up Air I can’t recommend it for a daily driver either. Go with the Pro.


I can’t vouch for any other product outside of the realm of Apple for a laptop from personal experience, but I can tell you that the Microsoft Surface Book does look promising. However, there is a pretty penny price tag on it that might as well justify the purchase of a Macbook.



Twelve South HiRise for MacBook Line

There are plenty of stands for laptops out there, but very few of them are designed to be adjustable, look great enough to leave out on a desk surface at all times, have plenty of space for proper ventilation, and be comfortable for viewing. The HiRise does all of that, and with nice build quality, there won’t be any regrets for spending the extra cash to add this to your workspace.


I have had the HiRise for just about a year now, and after using several other stands for brief amounts of time, I can honestly say this is the best stand I have found. The simplistic design combined with sturdy computer platform and adjusting mechanism makes this a no-brainer choice, especially for Apple users.


As for other options, I would check out Amazon’s top sellers. There aren’t any other stands that offer all that the HiRise offers, but there are some nice options such as the Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Stand and the Steklo – X Stand.



Talent iClaw

As a musician who plays on stage Sunday after Sunday as well as a geek who loves to have her iPad near her to work as a third monitor, this is the only iPad stand that I ever use. The unique stand allows for clamping not only to a mic stand but also to a computer desk. I simply move the stand from one location to another for now. I do fully intend on purchasing a second iClaw just because I do love this particular stand so much.


Other options would be something like the TwelveSouth Hover Bar for those of you who need the extra long arm attachment to reach around a monitor of an iMac or the Peavy iPad Holder.



iPad Mini

You had to know it was coming. My iPad mini is an essential part of my workflow as it works as a third monitor at my desk, my music folder for worship services, and (currently) my streaming devices for my tv shows until I make the move to the Apple TV.


My iPad is not the maxed out version. Surprised? Yeah, I thought so. Who needs the maxed out version when everything is currently backed up on the lovely iCloud and onto my external hard drive dedicated only to my mobile devices and their content?


My suggestion for an alternate device would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have read a few reviews, and it seems to be an excellent choice for all of the die-hard Android devices.



WD Passport External Hard Drive

Since I mentioned it, my go-to external Hard drives are the WD Passports. I have used WD for years and have never had any issues what so ever with them. They are PC and Mac compatible and extremely portable.


No alternate needed. Go for the WD lineup.


LG -29'' IPS LED UltraWide Monitor

I don’t currently own this monitor, but that doesn’t mean that it isn't drooling worthy. My current monitor is from the Dell lineup, and this one has me in full blown monitor envy. For digital design work, this IPS monitor is a dream. Hands down this is at the top of my must get list.


No alternate needed.



Keeping it real geeky,





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