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June 1, 2019

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An Interview with Meagan

January 2, 2017



I thought it would be cool to do a Q&A style post so you could learn a little bit more about me, Meagan, the creator behind ME Creative Solutions.


What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Anything Italian, banana nut bread, dark chocolate and sea salt anything, and a good steak hibachi with extra veggies. Yummy!


Favorite movie(s)?

I am a movie junkie, so my favorite movies are somewhat all over the place. I like to think that I am well-balanced. Nevertheless, some of my favorites are Steel Magnolias, Joyful Noise, Sound of Music, Star Wars Series, Fried Green Tomatoes, Lord of The Rings Series, The Notebook, The Hunger Games Series, Beaches, Pride and Prejudice, White Christmas, and Elf.


Most-played song in your playlist?

This question isn’t entirely fair, as I listen to music all the time and my most played songs change often. I will gladly own up to the fact that I am somewhat of a music junkie.

Here are some of my favorites though:

Great are You Lord (All Sons and Daughters)

Forever (Kari Jobe and Brian Johnson)

Emmanuel (Bryan and Katie Torwalt)

Resurrecting (Elevation Worship)

Touch The Sky (Hillsong United)

Clear the Stage (Jimmy Needham)

Medley (Vashawn Mitchell)

Breathe On Us (Kari Jobe)

This I Promise You (Anthem Lights Cover)

Make You Feel My Love (Adele or Bonnie Raitt version)

Cryin’ (Aerosmith)

To Whom it May Concern (The Civil Wars)

Faithfully (Journey)

When You Love a Woman (Journey)

Feeling Good (pretty much any version)

Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles)

Jolene (Dolly Parton)

The Very Thought of You (Frank Sinatra)


What is one thing in your day to day life that you can’t live without?

Coffee. I must have coffee. I don’t drink soda or tea, so it is the only source of caffeine that I get some days and besides….I like the taste of coffee. If I don’t have a cup of joe in my hands, you can pretty much guess that I am either sick or am on a fast.


Favorite scripture(s)?

Exodus 15:2, Romans 8, and the book of Ruth.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from different places depending on what project I am in the midst of at the moment. Sometimes inspiration comes from a client’s sketches, sometimes in music I find inspiration, other times inspiration comes from my surroundings, but always inspiration comes when I am quiet and willing not to seek inspiration but to let it come to me.



I am afraid of heights and cramped spaces. I will freak out in a heartbeat if I am in a crowded elevator stuck on the 10th floor. I do think, however, that my biggest fears are being alone and failure. I love the community, and I hate to fail in anything (even solitaire).


What is your dream vacation?

I have always wanted to backpack across Europe and see London, Paris, Rome, and Dublin. I love European architecture….the beauty is in the age of it all, I think.

I also enjoy the solace of the mountains covered in snow, so sitting next to a fire in a lodge somewhere in Colorado with a book, fuzzy socks, and a blanket is as appealing to me.



Least favorite thing to do? Why?

Dusting. I hate dusting. Sneeze!

Can’t forget about doing the dishes either. There is something about touching wet food particles that sets of the gag reflex.


What is the point in your life where you knew you wanted to be a graphic designer?

Oddly enough, I was in a Photoshop class in college with Ashley Moore Graphics when I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. I had to take a course to keep my scholarship, and the Photoshop class seemed easy (I was wrong), so I took it and ended up falling in love with creating something…anything…out of nothing.


What is the most exciting project you are currently working on?

Well, all of my projects are exciting because I get to work with people that stretch me and challenge me both as a person and as a designer, but I am excited about this phase of my life.


Favorite book you have read in the past year?

I have read quite a few books in the past year, so this is a tricky question. I just finished up Unstoppable by Cristine Caine, and it is a fantastic book if you are looking for your Spirit to be challenged.


What electronic device would you never be able to live without? Why?

Probably my computer. I am a graphic designer, so I spend loads of time on a computer screen. All of the awesomeness I create is created on my 13in MacBook Pro.


What is your favorite catchphrase?

I use quite a few catchphrases depending on what day so…..yeah.


What is probably the most significant part of your ministry mindset?

Community. Community. Community. I am big on building community – family atmosphere.


Share something we don’t know about you.

I hate to speak in front of people. I can do it, but I freak out. Singing on a stage or speaking in a video doesn’t ever seem to bother me in the least bit, but ask me to talk infront of an audience and I start shaking, and I get super faint.


Are there any quotes you love? What are they?

“To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; to seek him, the greatest adventure; to find him the greatest human achievement.” – St. Augustine


If you could give one piece of advice to a young graphic designer what would it be?

Keep learning. Never stop learning. The design industry is always the same, but it is also ever changing.

Oh, Bonus! Never stop being you. The moment you compromise you and your creativity to fit into someone’s mold of what they think you should be is the moment your work will lose heart.


Last one…. What is one tech device that isn’t necessarily essential, but you find never leaves your side?

Well, this is an easy one to answer. My iPhone 6S Plus. This thing goes with me everywhere. It is always in my pocket. Being a media and communications director means that I am carrying on about five conversations at any given time and my phone is essential to that. Also, my phone is how I post to social networking sites for all of the accounts I am in charge of, and it serves as my mobile video shooting/editing rig.

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