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June 1, 2019

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March 27, 2017



If you haven't seen it yet, here is this year's promotional video for Rose of Sharon Summer Camps.


This project was a fun and exciting project which called out some parts of my creative skill-set I have either never used or strengthened those I rarely use. I count it as one of my greatest joys to communicate the gospel message of Christ Jesus through the gifting God has given me.


I was asked by many explain why we changed things by adding a spoken word as one of our promotional pieces. People also wanted to know more about the inspiration behind the video. Hopefully, I can bring clarity to those people in this blog post.


This is a brilliant and tech-savvy generation. With the current main forms of communication, interaction, and entertainment happening through media, I knew something had to change on our end with our approach.


Time and time again we see Jesus met the people where they were at the point of their need. Considering the model of ministry set forth by Jesus, I knew there was only one answer I could give about why we changed directions, and it was simply, why not. Why not meet the people we want to reach where they are? Why not push the bounds of what has always been and meet them at the point of their need?


I knew to impact their lives and get them excited about the camp season and to get them excited about Jesus; I had to meet them at the point of their need; I had to use the same tools and language they use. Media and the gospel message of Jesus Christ had to have a head-on collision. And so, that is precisely what happened, and I couldn't be happier about it.


Epic was brewing in our hearts long before we released it to the public. In fact, we had the theme for the 2017 camp season before we had the 2016 camp theme. We knew, even then, this theme would lend itself to a host of exciting and challenging opportunities to expand our reach and present the gospel. 


Once a clear direction was given the creative process began with creating the logo, posters, applications, and social media announcements. What about the video Meagan? Well, to have the video I had to lay the visual foundation and setting the design language for this camp season. Like any other project I face, I had to start by meeting the basic needs and then add in all the new promotional materials.


The words for the video came from a conversation I had with Jesus. I went to my prayer closet ready to hear something groundbreaking about his character he wanted to share. It wasn't like what John saw while writing Revelation, God merely reminded me of who he was, and that is what I to convey. The Father just wanted to tell us of his epic majesty and splendor at work through us and around us. He wanted us to remember Jesus and his epic love and sacrifice for us. He wanted to remind us that his Spirit within us is greater than the enemy we face. He wanted to remind us that our epic is a part of his epic and we are writing his epic.


That is it. Once I had clarity in the throne room I started to put pen to paper the words came, and I just began to write them all down.


I hope this brought you some clarity and maybe even inspired you to step out of your comfort zone to do something you don't usually do. 


In Christ, 



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