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Twenty Current Worship Jams

May 23, 2017



Okay, we know all too well that Meagan is a music junkie. Today is a first as I am giving you my current 20 worship jams I can't stop listening to. I might add, these are in no particular order.







Kari Jobe  |  BREATHE ON US

Breathe On Us is a simple cry from the church for God to stir and change and move. It was released on Kari Jobe's 2014 Album entitled Majestic. Older? Yes. It is still a good one though.


Jonathan Stockstill  |  TRUST IN OUR GOD

This song is a single from lead pastor and world-renowned worship leader who once helmed Deluge Worship Band which dropped in 2017. I always seem to connect well with whatever flows from this guy's pen.



Anna Golden |  TAKE ME THERE

Okay, so I have a mild obsession with Anna Golden's music. (Thanks, Jonah DeVaughn!) From start to finish I cannot seem to stop listening to her 2016 debut album. The title cut, Take Me There, is what every person should desire to say to God on a daily basis.



Bethel Music  |  THERE'S NO OTHER NAME

This song...wow! Upon first listen, I knew this song was going to be a powerful addition to the church worship collection. Releasing earlier this year (2017) on Bethel's Starlight album, this song is like What A Beautiful Name P2 as it has the same message, but said a bit differently. Check it out, and you will see what I mean.



Elevation Worship  |  FULLNESS

The older I get, the more I get sucked into Elevation Worship music. Fullness is a beautifully written worship song from Elevation's 2016 release Speak Revival, an album with an overall theme and cry for revival in the hearts of those who call Him Father.



North Point Worship  |  DEATH WAS ARRESTED

Although it released in 2017 and I am usually the first to download new music, I had not heard this song until we started to prepare for Easter at Rose of Sharon this year and man is it fun to play.



United Pursuit  |  HERE AND NOW

If you are a fan of United Pursuit, then this song is a no-brainer. Released in 2016 on their Looking for a Savior offering of worship music, Here and Now is "wordier" song on the album. From the collective that brought us Break Every Chain and Set A Fire anything with more than eight lines of lyrics is "wordy" in comparison though.




Cody Carnes, the husband of Kari Jobe, is an equally fantastic worship leader. Released in 2017, The Cross has the Final Word is absolute, by far, my favorite worship song for the church today. Why? Well, it is because it tells the story of Jesus.



Hillsong Worship  |  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME

This song came to us on Hillsong's 2016 offering of Let There Be Light and blew us all away. If you haven't heard it and you sit on a church pew, you must live under the proverbial rock located at the back of your sanctuary with earplugs in your ears.



Housefires  |  YOUR LOVE IS ALIVE

Housefire's 2016 release of Housefires Vol. III includes my favorite worship dance track. ;-) If you think I am kidding just play it when I am in your car.



Jonathan David & Mellisa Helser |  NO LONGER SLAVES

No Longer Slaves is every Christian's anthem. It is simple. It is powerful. It is a favorite. Released in 2015 as a part of a Bethel Collective album entitled We Will Not Be Shaken, it hit the scene with many artists wanting to cover it on their albums. Understandably, I am sure many wished they would have penned it instead of the Helser duo.




Have It All, released in 2016, brings excellent songs like Pieces and Glory to Glory on the same album. The song Spirit Move has an unusual cadence, and the phrasing of the lyrics is a bit strange. Oddly enough, it appeals to me.



Crowder  |  MY VICTORY

David Crowder has been giving the church anthems for years, and in 2017 he is still at it with his album offering of American Prodigal. As with any of Crowder's releases, has some gems. My Victory makes the cross musically personal and tangible if that makes sense.



John Mark & Sarah McMillan |  KING OF MY HEART

If you thought I would not include at least one McMillan song in this list, you have lost your mind. Their 2015 album You're The Avalanche has some of my favorite "Camp Worship Songs" in a rotation. King of My Heart is, by far, one of my favorite songs to sing in a community worship setting. Yes, it is also a personal favorite when it comes to personal worship times with just me, the guitar, and Jesus.



Anna Golden |  CHANGING ME

I am telling you, Anna Golden is killing me right now. Changing me.... just don't even ask me why. Listen to it.



Elevation Worship  |  DO IT AGAIN

Elevation dropped Do It Again in 2016 on Speak Revival along with Fullness. As soon as the drums start building in the bridge, I can't help it....I start jumping. This song is indeed my heart's cry. Just do it again, Jesus!



Bryan & Katie Torwalt  |  LET THERE BE LIGHT

Released in 2016 Let There Be Light entered our world on the album entitled Champion and blew us all away here at Rose of Sharon. It is a favorite for worship services.



Urban Rescue  |  NEVER STOP

This song makes me want to dance. Thank you, Urban Rescue. Your 2016 alum, Wild Heart, is one of my most played during road trips. Okay, maybe it is just this song. LOVE IT!



Jesus Culture  |  FIERCE

Do I need to say anything? Really? Jesus Culture had sort of dropped off my radar for worship music until they dropped the 2016 album, Let It Echo. Those first eight songs, I would say, are in constant rotation.



Kim Walker-Smith  |  THRONE ROOM

Just stop reading right now and listen to this song. ...tis all.




These songs are my most played on my iTunes account. I have more I listen to on a daily basis, but these are the current favorites.


I hope you enjoyed this list and will now find some new favorites to add to your collection.





Your favorite music junkie,






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