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Spiritual Posture

January 2, 2018



I wrote on Facebook a few months back about posture, and it stirred something deep within my soul, and I have been stewing over it since. Below is the original post along with my expanded view on the topic. Enjoy!


Your posture is an excellent indicator to those around you and the authority over you as to your attitude concerning your present circumstances. What does your posture communicate to the enemy about his attacks on you? Better yet, what does your posture tell God about your view of his authority over your present circumstances? Walk uprightly! You are more than a conquer!


There is a theory stating that one's posture and attitude exist in a symbiotic manner and the relationship is a never-ending roller coaster. Armed with this information and the knowledge that physical posture is a direct result of the state of one’s spirit-man, realize your physical presence also influences your spiritual walk. In other words, what happens in the physical realm manifests within the spiritual realm just as much as what happens in the spiritual effects what happens in the physical.


Posture is the natural and physical response to a multitude of variables presented to an individual, so we have to make a conscious effort to adjust our stance and walk in victory because lousy posture allows defeat to take up permanent residency in a person.


Take a look at the ultimate example we have; Jesus. Many times in scripture we see Jesus teaching on a hillside or healing people as he travels to the next destination and in those instances, his posture conveys his status as Teacher, Disciple-maker, and Healer. In John 8 he is Grace. In Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19 we meet Compassion and Love. He is Authority which is proved in Matthew 21 as he reclaimed his Father's house as a holy place. In Mark 4 and Matthew 8, we see him as Peace and Rest. Jesus, in every scripture, is teaching us that he, above all other things, is our answer, our all, and the ultimate example of becoming more like the Father.


Why is it that so many people are walking around in defeat? It is about the perception of circumstances and the posture communicated as a result. For so long humanity has taken small glances of what Satan has to offer, like Eve, and in those glimpses, Satan gains the power to influence our outlook and our response. In those moments we forget the Truth, and we believe the author incapable of telling the truth. In a single glance, Satan can capture our attention. He is crafty. He is skilled.


The way you carry yourself affects those whom you interact with at any given time and conveys to them your outlook on, not only your attitude concerning your present circumstances but your attitude concerning the authority over you. The way you walk in the midst of victory and defeat can sway someone else's view of their circumstances too. As a Child of God, we have a great responsibility to walk as Christ walked and to point others to him consistently.


Even more poignantly, I feel the urgency to mention that your posture conveys to God your view of his authority over your circumstances. As I said earlier, the Spirit of God dwells within us (I Corinthians 3:16) fighting battles on our behalf (Exodus 14:14, 2 Chronicles 20:17) and that promise should be enough for us to take courage and comfort to walk with Godly upright posture. Is it? Do we walk in such a manner?


Do you want to walk in victory? Do you want to live victoriously? God’s word leaves no room for doubt, the message is true, we have already won (Revelation 17:14) so fix your eyes on him (Hebrews 12:2) and things that are above (Colossians 3:2). There is no victory in acting as though you are defeated. Run the race with your eyes ahead!




Photo by Ben White/Unsplash.

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