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The Process of Miracles

June 1, 2019

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Patience is a Virtue

April 25, 2018

My whole life has been a series of time spans where I wait on the Lord and waiting is not my strongest attribute I claim. In fact, if you were to list my qualities from redemptive to hopeless, my ability to be patient would fall closer to the latter rather than the former by human standards. I mean, I scream at the car ahead of me when they drive crazy, I tap my feet if someone strolls down the Walgreens aisle at a glacial pace, and I get snippy when a restaurant takes too long to make my food. Patience is not my best attribute.

Patience, at its core, comes out of trusting God and placing all hope in him. Which begs the question, now that I have stated that patience is an area I struggle with; "do I trust God, placing all hope in him"? I do indeed trust God, but even in my reliance on him my flesh rises and offers up rebuttals every time God gives a reason for me to trust him more.

My flesh is why I struggle; why I say patience is not my strength. In and of myself, I am anything but a patient woman, but the Spirit of God dwells within me, and he teaches me patience; makes patience flow through me because he flows through me. My inability to exhibit patience proficiently is a fault of my humanity, but my willingness to daily die to my flesh is what God sees. By human standards, my bullheadedness is not a redemptive quality, but the blood washes me - redeeming my humanity.

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